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Hello Everybody! I’m Adam, I’m 18 years old and I’m currently in the middle of a two year bike trip as a gap year between High School and College. I’m doing this as a sort of way to educate myself on the world before going to school for real and of course to grow my love for cycle touring.

I’ve toured with my family all my life, ever since my dad and pregnant mom pulled me in a Burley trailer across Mexico as a baby. Since then I’ve toured the US from coast to coast, Cuba, Eastern Europe and some weekend trips with my family. And now I’m off doing it on my own.

I’ve been on the road now for over half a year already and I’ve cycled across nine countries in that time. Check out the blog if you want to read about my day to day life on the road!

Latest from the blog

  • Adam Swanson’s Obituary (Kidding)
    Okay, I’m not really dead. I’ve just been AWOL from the internet for a few months. I apologize for the long wait for this update. But at least I’m still alive to write it. Look on the bright side! The following will cover the most noteworthy aspects of the past 2.5 months of my travels.Continue reading “Adam Swanson’s Obituary (Kidding)”
  • Nepal Pt. 1
    I touched down in Kathmandu at 10 PM on the 7th of April. The fastest airport turnaround I’ve ever had. I was out of the airport by 10:20 with a visa and everything. My immigration officer even followed me on Instagram. My taxi dropped me off at the Airbnb at 11 where I met KailiContinue reading “Nepal Pt. 1”
  • March 10 – March 31
    I’ve been in India now for three weeks. My last entry was written in the Surat Thani airport in Thailand. These last few weeks in India have been so packed with activities that Thailand feels like months ago now so get ready for my jam packed memories of the past three weeks. I flew fromContinue reading “March 10 – March 31”
  • Feb 16 – March 09
    The second leg of the train trip from Chiang Mai to Bangkok to Surat Thani was interesting to say the least. After I finished the previous blog entry in the waiting area of the Bangkok train station, my train to Surat Thani pulled into the station. I put my bike into the cargo car atContinue reading “Feb 16 – March 09”
  • Jan 27 – Feb 15
    My last post ended with my reflection of the Buddhist Monestary in the Mae Hong Son region of Northern Thailand. I wrote that reflection as I was driving in an old Toyota Corolla through the jungle with the Thai guide and 4 Israeli girls who I had signed up for a jungle trek with. IContinue reading “Jan 27 – Feb 15”

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