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South America Part 2

In this blog entry, there won’t be any photos. Since it’s been a while since my last post, I have a lot of photos. More than my server will let me upload. This time I’ll be putting it in this link. This is a Google photos album with all my photos in chronological order. I…

Sudamerica PT1

It has been nearly two months since my departure from Europe. I’ve returned to my side of the ocean, back to the Americas. Being in South America, I feel a lot closer to home, upon looking at a map though, I realized I’m still just as far away from home as I have been. In…

Sept 28-Nov 17: Fethiye to Amsterdam

Normally I have to review my website to establish when my previous blog post was written so I can correctly title my post. This time, I remember clearly my last blog post. It was my last day before leaving Asia and taking my boat to Europe, it felt like a very monumental day for me,…

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