One Week Before Departure

We haven’t really posted anything for a while but we haven’t been riding so there hasn’t been to much to post about besides some photos of bike maintenance work.

Our whole trip plan has basically stayed the same this whole time up until about a week ago. We were doing some final checks on UK COVID requirements and realized that we would have to undergo a 10 day quarantine in a hotel at our expense, which could blow a large chunk of our funds so we couldn’t start there anymore. We did have a Warmshowers set up in Glasgow with a guy named Gordon who had cycled from Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego once and Henry and I were really looking forward to staying there and hearing about that but I guess that might have to be a future thing.

Anyways, after several more calls with Iceland Air, and their scary Icelandic song they play for people on hold, we decided that the best option for us is to fly to Amsterdam. We chose Amsterdam because we already had a layover there before flying to Glasgow so it made the most sense to just cut off the last leg of our flight (which for some reason cost us another $130).

Amsterdam is also a good starting point Covid-Wise because the only requirements they ask for is a negative COVID test 72 hrs before your flight and a negative test the day of your flight.

For our next steps to getting ready we just need to finalize our packing and pack our bikes into boxes. Then we’re off!

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