Sept 8 – 12

Sept 8 Cont.

I got to Sara’s friend Romy’s house about 20 min after posting on the blog.

When I got there Sara and Romy were in the bathroom for a good 40 min, so I spent that time hanging out with Henry and learning about his night and day I had missed.

He said he spent the entire night hanging out with this group of people at a club and he ended up walking with all of them down the beach about for 10 km until he looked at the time and it was 10:30 and he had to sprint back to our hotel.

I was impressed, he managed to run back in about 50 min.

But because he had stayed out all night the night before, he did not join me Sara and Romy on our evening in La Rochelle.

We went to a bar/restaurant called the Jolly Sailor. This bar was about 15 ft away from the ocean. I got some very tasty fish and chips and an English beer that Romy recommended.

After the restaurant we walked on the coast for a bit and then went back to Romy’s one room apartment.

When we got back it was about 11pm and Henry had been asleep the whole time we were gone. We woke him up and spent the next couple hours in the apartment and then we went to the beach and looked at the stars and the cities across the ocean.

Sept 9

The next day I had to ride alone because Romy didn’t have room in her apartment for all of us, so Sara stayed with her and Henry stayed with his friends from the other night.

I didn’t want to pay for a last minute hotel, so I took the tent and told Henry I’d meet him in 1-2 days.

I was tired from staying up the night before, so I went very slowly today. I biked from La Rochelle to St. Sornin. I saw another new part of France on this ride. I was always about 1 KM away from the ocean, so I was in bog lands with lots of rivers and small boats the whole day.

There was one river in particular that I had to cross that had an AWFUL bridge. It was the only way across the river for miles and it was on a highway with a bike lane, it went up super high and was so windy. I took some photos but it was way worse in person.

My goal for the day was to go to Royan, but I ended up only making it to St. Sornin because of rain. I got a nice spot at a campground and I hung out in the tent and cooked my dinner and went to bed. I tried to go to a grocery store but when I got there it was closed

Sept 10

Day two of solo riding. I started the day sitting in the tent waiting for the rain to die down and when it did I packed up and left in 15 min.

I had to get to Royan which was about 9 MI down the road, so I could take a ferry across an estuary and then get to a camp spot on the ocean.

About 30 min into my ride I look ahead of me and the sky is just black with storm clouds. I didn’t want to get hit by that, but I also didn’t want to just wait, so I kicked it into high gear and pedaled as fast as I could until it started raining and I turned off into a grocery store parking lot.

As I was biking into the parking lot and the rain started to pick up I saw a sign “Pizza 7J 24h” (J means days). So I ended up going there because I had wanted pizza the night before but the store was closed. It ended up being a pizza vending machine. I still got one though and I occupied my rain waiting by eating this pizza.

Needless to say it was not the best pizza, but that’s okay I had to try a pizza vending machine.

I got to Royan in time for the 2:20 ferry across the estuary.

On the Royan/ La Rochelle side of the estuary it was all rocky beaches with tides that went out so far you couldn’t swim. On this side of the estuary it is sand beaches farther than the eye can see with tide that you can still swim in.

When I got to the other side Henry told me he wasn’t going to make it to me today, so I didn’t want to go too far. I ended up finding a bike trail and took that 10 km to the town of Soulac Sur Mer and found a wild camp spot for my hammock in the woods about 50 ft off the trail.

I went to the store and bought pizza ingredients that I made over my stove. In my opinion it was better than the vending machine pizza.

After I ate I spent the evening on the beach until it got dark then I went to camp and dozed off.

Sept 11

I had no plans in the morning. I didn’t bike till 12. Well, I biked 5 km then set my hammock up on the beach and layed there until 12.

From Soulac I followed the bike trail for ~20 miles to the town of Hourtin Plage. As I biked today I took the trail to every town to scout good camp spots and towns and the best one was Hourtin Plage.

I got there around 5, bought a tomato, a pepper and a bottle of Bordauex wine. I can’t remember if I made dinner with the tomato and pepper or if I just ate them. But I know whichever one I did was very tasty.

Wine holster in my hammock

At 7:45 I went to watch the sun set over the ocean. It was so beautiful with the waves crashing over the sand and the orange of the sun making the clouds orange.

After the sun set I biked up a dune and waited for the stars to come out. At 9:15 I walked back to camp and found Henry and Sara at the camp restaurant eating pizza.

I hung out with them and caught up on their last few days and then Sara went to shower and sleep while me and Henry went out to hit the town. The one block town.

We got some Leffe’s at the local bar called Le Surf and then we went down to the ocean and walked on the beach and through the water. After the beach we went back to Le Surf until the bar closed at what I thought was 10pm but was actually 2am. Then we went back to camp to sleep.

Sept 12

I woke up around 10 am, showered then went to the beach to swim. I camp back around 1 and met up with Henry who had just worked up and Sara who had been at camp and then we went and got mussels at the restaurant nearby.

After we ate me and Henry rented surf boards and surfed for 4 hrs. I was only able to get the balance to stand up one time and I wiped out and have a bruise from it but it was 100% worth it. Surfing was so fun. Minus the nipple pain. I think we’ll be doing that a lot more often as we continue to ride on the beach.

After we surfed we came back and napped, then we went back out for dinner and I bet you can’t guess what we ate… PIZZA!!!

Today is Sept 13 and we are meeting up with our friend William who is going to make a YouTube series about us.

He’s biking from the airport to meet us at camp tonight.

Photo Credits to William’s Mom’s Instagram

3 thoughts on “Sept 8 – 12

  1. How does it feel to cycle long stretches alone, without Henry? You then miss the support you give each other when you are together. Have you made agreements about how to act if one or the other has other plans or gets into a relationship with someone you meet on the trip? I admire you both!


    1. It was different for sure to camp on my own. But I ended up liking it. We always know that no matter what happens the other one will be fine on their own and if we do short stints riding alone like this then we know we’ll meet up again soon.

      Liked by 1 person

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