Sept 13 – 16

Sept 13

We biked only 30 KM today to meet William in the town of Lacanau Ocean. We left our campground around noon and got to our campground we were sleeping at at 3PM.

When we got there Sara went to go swimming and Henry and I set up hammocks and layed at camp. At 7 I went out and got stuff to make tacos and I made it so it would be ready for William at 8.

After we ate we took William out on the town to see what a French Atlantic town is like. We took him to some restaurants and down to the beach and made sure to get his jet lagged head to bed at 12.

Sept 14

We took a day at camp today to let William get adjusted to the time change. We had a slow morning and made oatmeal and then Sara left us around 2pm to go to Bordauex and then home.

After Sara left we went downtown and got some seafood and then went surfing again. The waves at this beach were huge and the current would take you super far down and you’d have to walk back.

When we surfed William split his chin open and Henry and I got nipple pain. It was still worth it though.

After we surfed we went back to camp and made dinner and went to bed.

Sept 15

Williams first day on the road. We biked around 40 miles today. The first twenty was to a town called Cap Ferret where we took a ferry across a super clear blue bay to Arcachon. William really wanted to go to a French Cafe in Arcachon, but he was too picky so we had to go to the last place in town before we were back on bike trails and he got a cappuccino. But he loved his cappuccino.

We saw these sand dunes from the ferry and decided we wanted to go there, so we ended up finding a campground ride of the dunes. The dunes were called the Pilat Sand Dunes and they are insanely big. It took about 10 min to walk up the hill.

We ate dinner at the campground. Pizza again. And then at sunset we went up to the top of the dunes and William took some amazing pictures.

Sept 16

Another short day. We went 13 MI to the town of Biscarrosse Plage. We did a short day because it was our last day on the coast and we wanted to stay in a town.

We found a nice wild camp spot outside of town and set up our hammocks there. Then we went into town and got one last coastal seafood stop and explored the town and the beach. William got his first crepe.

Our camp outside of town

After dinner we went back to camp and hung out by a picnic table until around 9 when we went back into town. We went to this cool beachside restaurant that a local recommended to us and we ate and talked there until about 10:45 when William and I got too tired.

Our hammocks were set up in the woods about 500ft from a road. It was foggy out and the headlights of cars would shine white through the fog as we walked through the woods to our bikes and hammocks. It was so scary. But we made it back without dying and we slept through the night.

One thought on “Sept 13 – 16

  1. Always interesting to read about your journey. Thanks for the update!
    Under the conditions you describe (foggy, headlights of cars) I wouldn’t be able to sleep. Have you saved enough to cover the entire trip or do you have plans to earn some money every now and then by taking on odd jobs?


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